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Professor Lee's research involves studies of novel electronic and magnetic materials in single crystalline form. The goal is to understand the properties of correlated electron systems and quantum spin systems, with an eye towards discovering new materials or new physical phenomena. A major shortcoming in the present knowledge of solid state physics is the inability to describe the properties of systems composed of many quantum particles that strongly interact with each other. The delicate interplay between the constituents of these correlated electron systems (involving the magnetic, charge, orbital, and lattice degrees of freedom) leads to a variety of exotic phases, such as high-Tc superconductivity and colossal magneto-resistance.

Recent news

11/2020 Our recent paper published in npj Quantum Materials is highlighted in a Science Highlight by the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory!
10/2020 Rebecca Smaha successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations to Dr. Smaha!
09/2020 Graduate student Heesoo Kim joins the group as a rotation student. Welcome!
07/2020 Jack Jiang received the 2020 Centennial Teaching Assistant Award for his excellence in teaching. Congratulations to Jack!
03/2020 Graduate student Aaron Breidenbach joins the group. Welcome!
01/2020 Graduate student Sultan Malik joins the group as a rotation student. Welcome!
09/2018 Graduate student Daniel Wong joins the group as a rotation student. Welcome!
10/2017 John left us for a position in industry.
08/2017 Jiajia becomes an Associate Staff Scientist at SLAC!
09/2016 We receive and install our new PPMS Dynacool!
09/2016 Graduate student Rebecca Smaha joins the group.
11/2015 Dr. John P. Sheckelton joins our group as a new postdoc.
10/2015 Graduate student Jack Jiang joins the group.
03/2015 Graduate student Wei He joins the group. Welcome!
11/2014 Dr. Jiajia Wen joins our group as a new post-doc.
09/2014 Research Associate Costel R. Rotundu joins the group.
08/2014 Professor Young S. Lee moves from MIT to Stanford, Applied Physics and SLAC.